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Thoughts on my intimacy practice

Intimacy is a powerful and valuable storytelling tool, it requires a great deal of care.  As an Intimacy Coordinator I invite agreement and consent in all areas, this means that cast and crew can work openly, creatively, feeling empowered. It creates a working environment that feels safe, everyone is free to create beautiful intimate content, which at times can be shocking and uncompromising or delicious and sexy.  I am particularly interested in non-verbal consent and how that manifests for actors and crew across the Film and TV industry.

Thoughts on my practice in theatre and education

Over the years working in theatre, I have developed an integrative approach to movement that is informed by my eclectic experiences, intuition and curiosity in life and art. I am fascinated by the vast potential that movement has on the opening of an experiential and non-verbal realm, the sensory experience of the bodies, as well as their transforming and expressive ability. This manifests as an investigation with actors into the use of Laban’s principles of expression intersected with Brene Browns work on emotion.

Training includes

Currently under mentorship as an Intimacy Coordinator for Film and TV, with Ita O’Brien

Certificate in Intimacy Direction, Theatre and Live Performance. Distinction - Intimacy on Set (SAG AFTRA)

Certificate in Intimacy Pedagogy. Distinction - Intimacy on Set (SAG AFTRA)

Introducing Intimacy Guidelines with Intimacy on Set led by Ita O’Brien.

Queer Intimacy with Intimacy for Stage and Screen UK.

MA in Movement: Direction and Teaching - Distinction – Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Certificate in Education  – Huddersfield Polytechnic

Laban Centre Certificate – Merit – Laban Centre

BA in Creative Arts – Bretton Hall College, Leeds University

Additional training

Working with Vulnerable Adults, Consentmatters, Anti-Racism Awareness, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, Diversity at Work, An Introduction to Race Equity, Unconscious Bias, Health and Safety, Conflict Resolution, Gender Identity and Expression, Sexual Harassment Awareness, Working with Children, First Aid in the workplace, Dementia Awareness, What Lies Beneath – Yoga Teacher Training, Active Birth Yoga Training.



Be The Change - Intimacy and Actor Training; co-authored by Rose Ryan and Vanessa Ewan published in May 2022

Intimacy Guidelines for Acting Courses; for Guildford School of Acting, Rose Ryan, September 2021 revised 2023.

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